Cigar Roller Events  $475.00 for L.A.

Cigar Roller Los Angeles package

Cigar Rollers Event package for LA events is just $475.00 for full demonstration with 40 free cigars that you keep and custom cigar bands.

 for Los Angeles & surrounding areas



Cigar rollers can be planned for events in Los Angeles

Your roller can be combined with any casino night feature or be booked alone..

Restrictions apply

Cigar Rollers and Poker Events


Cigar Roller demonstrations for Los Angeles & surrounding area events are only $475.00 and if you like any additional cigars, we can provide them for you too. You also get 40 cigars free. More! Custom Cigar Bands are also included, free of charge!



Cigar Rollers Los Angeles, Southern California $475.00


Cigar Rollers Los Angeles

Cigar Roller




Cigar Staff

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